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Eclectic San Francisco Bay area singer/songwriter John M created John Mac and the Moraggots in 2007 as a way of experimenting and developing his craft and sharing music that might not otherwise ever be heard.  With help from gifted musicians like SF Bay area drummer Mike “Tex Q” Spinrad and electric bassist John Dennison, he continues to add to an obscure canon of music and words, reminiscent of songsmiths John Lennon, Paul McCartney, the Byrds’ Roger McGuinn and Bob Dylan.

John Mac began writing in the early 1980s as the punk rock scene wound down in San Francisco.  With his band, Virgin Release, an ensemble that included noted performer/songwriter Eric Von Radics (Buzzard’s Song Redux) and keyboardist Brian Gary, bassist John Dennison, and drummer Mike Spinrad he frequently performed at the Mabuhay Gardens, the Stone, the Oasis and other noted SF venues.  In 1986, the band released their one and only album: “Marshal Fields,” promoting the seven-song EP via a three-month exploration of America’s low-down motels, biker bars, and second-tier college campuses. They disbanded shortly after this, each musician pursuing his own solo projects.

Since those frantic days, he has created, illustrated and published “Dirty Larry” comics, worked as a private investigator, performed as a member of the house band at Skip’s Tavern’s Wednesday jazz jam sessions, playing upright bass alongside other Bay area notables including trumpeter Johnny Serrano, tenor saxophonist Michael Brown and guitarist Al Pacheco, and released four solo albums of original songs under the pseudonym “John Mac and the Moraggots.” He currently performs at Bay area open mikes, testing out new material to be included in his next album release.

Play Date - John Mac and the MoraggotsPerforming As the Sodermen - John Mac and the Moraggots

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26 Responses to About John Mac

  1. Tex Q says:

    I’m back. Drinking black coffee and grading papers. The writing is atrocious. Will now listen to your newest mixes of the tunes. Kudos!
    - Q

  2. Sona Liddle says:

    Really superb info can be found on website . “Every artist was first an amateur.” by Ralph Waldo Emerson.

  3. Very good blog post. I definitely love this website. Thanks!

    • admin says:

      Dear Trista,

      Thank you for taking time out to comment. Any chance you followed the music links? Just wondering what people are thinking about that part of the site. John Mac

  4. Leigha says:

    I discovered this on bing and checked a few of your older blogs. Great writing. I just added your site to my MSN NewsReader. I’ll be keeping up with the site!

    • admin says:

      Dear Leigha,

      Thank you for the comment. I hope you continue to enjoy the site. If you have a chance, please also check out the music that is linked to the articles. I’d love to get your feedback on that as well. John Mac

  5. Cool site, will check back regularly!

  6. Jailbreak says:

    You have mentioned very interesting points! ps nice web site.

  7. Kelvin says:

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  11. I seriously get pleasure from your posts. Thanks

  12. Tex Q says:

    Seeing the high price for our album and the blogging interest, I’d say it’s time for the reunion tour. Get the earplugs ready for the 3AM snoring!

    • admin says:

      Yeah. I want to know where the heck they found these pristine copies. I thought just about everything got burned up in the Oakland Hills fires when Larry’s sister’s house was destroyed… A real collector’s item!

  13. admin says:

    Thank you for the comment. Do you recommend any particular set of headphones for computer listening? John Mac

  14. admin says:

    Hey Al,
    I was in NYC this past week. Heard some great music there. An amazing place! Thank you for the comments. John Mac

  15. admin says:

    Dear Richard,

    Thank you for your comment. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed it so far. I really only intended it as a means to further my extremely obscure songwriting efforts. If you get the chance, please check the links to the music. Some of it is quite good. John Mac

  16. admin says:

    Dear Zoom,

    I like writing so it’s some effort but it’s enjoyable. Not like writing a term paper in college. John Mac

  17. admin says:

    Dear Leslie,

    Thank you for the comment. Please come back and visit the site again when you get the inclination. John Mac

  18. admin says:

    OK. Thank you! John Mac

  19. admin says:

    Have at it. John mac

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